Queering Numerology

I’ve noticed over the last few years that Tarot bloggers are writing articles about queering the Tarot. It made sense to me because as a member of the rainbow family, I read charts for others like me. Oftentimes traditional interpretations of oracles left me scratching my head. The more that other LGBT folk became clients, the more I started seeing my reference materials in a different light. It dawned on me that most of my clients and followers were queer at about the same time that I realized my reference materials (meaning 100% of every book on my shelf, except for one by Gail Fairfield) were written through a straight, upper middle class lens.

Just earth shaking, eh? Given that 95% of society is straight, a good chunk of those people are middle class, and another goodly amount are white, cis, and able bodied…..I’ll pretend to be shocked.



^^^^ this is me pretending to be shocked

Some of you might be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Oh god, here we go….”

Keep your pants on and put your tapping finger down. I’m not here to spread some politically correct agenda that threatens your sensibilities. My people are (mostly) not heteronormative individuals leading heteronormative lives, so typical interpretations of things don’t quite fit. There are literally thousands of mainstream numerology sites out there for everyone else.

I’m queering up the number scale because when people can relate to what they read, they remember. As my queertuitive tentacles extend further and further into the rainbow community I’m realizing that there are a lot of us out there interested in this stuff.

I could be wrong, but based on my own unscientific research involving a lot of google searches and money spent at bookstores, I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a lot that’s new going on in the field of Numerology. Most of the sites that I’ve visited are just lifting the same material over and over again from Hans Decoz and a few others. There aren’t a lot of blogs out there – not blogs being updated – but there seems to be an abundance of sites that want your email in exchange for a cut and paste reading.

I’m rambling, I know this. Whatever.

I am hopeful that that what I contribute to the field is useful, interesting, and different from what is out there.