Two – The Uhaul/Netflix & Chill

Element: Water Energy: Introvert Planet: The Moon Colour: Green and cream Stone: Opal, Jade, Moonstone Tarot: The High Priestess Queer reference: The U Haul, Netflix & Chill Two’s energy is all about needs; particularly emotional needs. Ruled by the moon, Two’s undercurrent is intuitive and feeling. Where One is direct, Two is indirect. Two meanders and gets there eventually. Like it’s ruling element, Two flows … Continue reading Two – The Uhaul/Netflix & Chill

One: The Queen – Werk it, baby!!

Element: Fire Energy: Extrovert Planet: Sun Colour: Gold, yellow, amber, light brown Stone: Amber, topaz Tarot: The Magician One is the basis of all there is. This number is active, not passive. One is unique, one is the originator. One stands tall and strong, its energy moving up and down its spine. While being grounded and diffusing its energy into the earth, One is simultaneously … Continue reading One: The Queen – Werk it, baby!!