The (Double) Life Path

The life path is the first number that gets looked at in a numerological chart. For those of you familiar with astrology, think of it as similar to the sun sign. It is the box that all the other numbers get put into. It is the number that is with you your entire life, so it represents the longest cycle in your chart. It shows who you are at birth, what you came into this life to learn, and reveals in general, opportunities and challenges.

The life path is a number you can’t change. It is derived from your date of birth. Obviously you can’t change the day you were born.

Or can you?


I believe that some of you can.

The double life path

If you are trans, then you know how significant it is to commemorate the day you started living as your true self. There is not a trans person that I know that doesn’t celebrate this new “birthday”. The original life path is still important, but as with name changes, the trans birthday signifies putting down one life and starting another.

Now some folks might argue that this doesn’t supersede the life path at all. It’s just an important day in someone’s life, like getting married or becoming a parent. Nope nope nope. Other milestones in life ARE great moments, and this is not meant to trivialize any of them, but after following several clients during their transition in my day job, I have noticed a complete and total shift in their personal energy. Everything changes for them. Everything.

In running charts for those who knew that I did readings, it became obvious to me that the new life path related to that day, was becoming the dominant energetic force underpinning everything. The old life path is still there in their charts, for it does show the guiding forces from the moment they escaped the uterus up until their trans birthday. As they transition there is an overlap period where things from the old life path are wrapped up and the energy of the new life path takes over. This is often a period of volatility and stress, as they start the process of coming out to the world and living their truth. This period can last months or years, there is no set time frame. This is why I look at both life paths.

In most cases, the two numbers seem to merge, another good reason to view it as a double life path and not just a new life path. So a person whose biological DOB carries a 1 life path and trans DOB carries a 2 life path generally becomes a more heart centred, considerate person. They will most likely still be the independent, take charge dominator that they were before, but hopefully less of a bossy pain in the arse.

It’s also ok to not go this deeply. If you read for someone you won’t know they’re trans if they don’t tell you, and the life path that you calculate will probably still be (somewhat) true for them. If you’re reading this AND you’re trans, AND you have an interest in Numerology, try it out. See what you learn.

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