Naming confusion

A lot of people get tense when it comes to the issue of names in a numerological chart. We go by so many different identities in our lives that picking just one name for a reading is sometimes difficult. Let me make it simple for you:

What’s on your birth certificate is the name you use.

It’s that simple. This is the base energy that you are working with in this lifetime. It underpins every other name you take on while you’re here. For most of us, it’s a simple issue, but there are some folks whose circumstances that might be confusing:

You were adopted? Your birth certificate says “Baby Girl Doe” but your name is Sarah Jane Smith. You start with the name on your birth certificate. After that, do the numbers for your chosen name.

You don’t go by that name at all? Your birth certificate says Throckmorton Andrew Worthington but you’ve never been called that. Except by your mother. When you’re in trouble. You go by Tom Worthington. Still use the name your mama gave you. Then look at the other name.

You altered your name when you immigrated? You don’t go by Thuiy Fong in Canada. You’re known as Tammy Fong. You still look at Thuiy first.

You use an initial instead? Your birth certificate says Melissa Jane Matthews but you’re an MJ. You still use that birth certificate.

You got married? Congratulations Karen LeBlanc. As Karen Meisner you still use LeBlanc. It’s the base energy you’re working with. You can look at the impact of being a Meisner after.

You hate your family? You used to be Garnet Wilson but you altered your name to Garnet Wills? You’re still a Wilson in your chart, but again, you can look at Wills also.

You’re trans? Your name used to be Stephen MacKenzie and now it’s Annabelle MacKenzie? You look at both.

Now here’s where it changes:

When you get a legal name change.

When you completely change your identity and adopt a new legal name, you effectively cancel that energy out. It’s a way of saying to the universe that you’ve dealt with that energy and you’re starting a whole new book. This pops up mostly for my trans clients. Your old name no longer matters. Whatever that piece of paper says, that’s your name now. So if you used to be Jamal Faisal and you transitioned and now you’re Noor Faisal, you are Noor. If you were a Stephanie but now you’re legally a Stephen, you are Stephen. You are no longer working with (or haunted by, as the case may be) your original birth name.

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