Interpreting Numbers

Over the years I have learned some basic truths in the interpretation of numbers. These are only my conclusions. Your mileage may vary.

The numbers reflect a core meaning, regardless of their location within a chart. Other numbers can act as modifiers but when I am examining a number it’s core meaning is always there.

The energy of the numbers exists on a spectrum. There are no good or bad numbers. Each number has, within its core meaning, a full range of expression. Many of the books written over the last 40 years tend to be overly focused on the positive interpretations, glossing over the less than stellar aspects of numerical energy. It is entirely possible to be a pot stirring, superficial basic bitch with zero fashion sense AND be a 6 Life Path IF you are drawing on the shitty end of the spectrum.

You are the captain of your ship. Energy moves across a spectrum and the entire range is available to you. You choose how you channel or react to the energy at play in your life. If you see something in your chart that you don’t like (say…I don’t know….a karmic lesson about selfishness brought forward from a past life) and it really upsets you – perhaps because you are a selfish turd and the numbers are holding a mirror up to that ugly part of you – then – and sit down for this – here’s the great thing:


That’s right! You! You can overcome your selfishness (or whatever it is that you don’t like about yourself) by not resisting the call to compassion or generosity in this lifetime. Or not. You can keep being selfish and probably nothing terrible will happen. You’ll just keep having the same irritating life situations continuously hit you square in the tits until you learn your lesson.

Each number’s core meaning will emerge for you in time. When you start out learning anything, you begin with someone else’s work. As you and grow, you’ll notice things about the numbers that will speak to you, but won’t be in any of your books. Trust your intuition and keep plowing forward.

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