Two – The Uhaul/Netflix & Chill

Element: Water

Energy: Introvert

Planet: The Moon

Colour: Green and cream

Stone: Opal, Jade, Moonstone

Tarot: The High Priestess

Queer reference: The U Haul, Netflix & Chill

Two’s energy is all about needs; particularly emotional needs. Ruled by the moon, Two’s undercurrent is intuitive and feeling. Where One is direct, Two is indirect. Two meanders and gets there eventually. Like it’s ruling element, Two flows until it has changed the landscape.

If you look at the number two, it’s base is solid and stable but it’s spine curves. Two is rounded and soft, but still connected solidly to the earth, more so than the One. If you look back to the One, you see how it could be knocked right over in spite of it’s potentially aggressive energy but Two, not so much. Two is stubborn and has staying power. Two’s upward curve is wide and graceful, showing heart and head energy that is constantly flowing outward, being shared. Two’s opening points to the past; Two is a sentimental, emotional energy that is always looking back.

As a personality, Two loves to cuddle. It is a creative energy that nurtures and grows the ideas of the One. Because Two can be rather stubborn or fixed in its approach, it will develop a thing for as long as it feels necessary. Two will not be rushed.

Two’s energy is definitely more heart centred, so it is a sensitive number. Two’s feelings are easily hurt and it can carry that pain from the past for a long time. Two is considerate of others’ needs and likes everyone to be happy. If you get dumped, someone with strong Two energy will drop everything to eat ice cream with you and listen to Halo on repeat.

On a good day Two loves company, sharing, laughter, expressiveness, and planning. Two is unconditional like your mom, and puts your crappy Paint Nite pictures on the living room wall. Two sees the beautiful bird in all your squiggles and praises your use of blue. You can tell Two anything and it has good advice. On a crappy day, Two is a clingy, over sensitive little bitch that needs to get over it’s horse shit and move on. When Two draws on the shitty end of the spectrum it becomes your frenemy. Two can be manipulative and is not above pulling your emotional strings to keep you close because Two can not bear the thought of being alone. This is the paradox of the Two personality: it builds everyone up, showers them with unconditional love, teaches them to go forth and be amazing. Then, like crabs in a bucket, Two panics and tries to pull you back in.

Two in love:

Two falls in love with love. Two falls hard and fast, and wants to make a nest right! now! Romantic, sentimental, affectionate – Two just wants to eat breakfast in bed and snuggle naked forever. Two is the movie ending where the leads declare their love as the city burns down around them. It’s passionate, heaven sent, and you leave the theatre crying. Two sends you the barrage of kissy face good morning texts and cutesy love memes. Two wants to be joined at the hip, doing everything together because Two sees all these little moments as sacred. Two is infatuation and sees their lovers as perfect beings. The fall for Two is steep.

Two at home:

Two energy is alive and strong in every home with fluff covered pillows, Yankee Candles scented like cookies, and Live/Laugh/Love bookends. Two makes a cozy home in neutral colours that appeal to everyone. Two loves art, but unlike Six, Two’s tastes are a little suburban so Two’s walls and shelves reek of Home Sense and Urban Barn. Two is a neat and tidy energy, although Two will apologize for not having enough time to clean the bathroom (it looks fine). Two’s energy in the home manifests as a quiet, nurturing environment where all feel welcome.

Two at work:

Two is a team player and organizer. Like Four, Two works best in a supporting role. A Two leader is generally fair and kind, and manages by consensus. This is not the team leader to send out to do lay offs, they will be crying in the cubicle with their coworkers. Two brings cookies on Monday so that everyone’s week starts out well. Two puts extras in the fridge so that no one goes without lunch. Two remembers everyone’s birthdays and is genuinely happy to listen to Cheryl in Accounting as she shows off Instagram photos of her ugly kid’s weekend soccer match. You can count on Two for a job well done and lots of cheer.

Two and money:

Two is a saver, an investor, a grower of wealth. Like the other even numbers, Two sees the bigger picture and plans for the future. Two shops carefully, and is a good bargain hunter. That doesn’t mean that Two doesn’t have their moments. During stressful times Two has been known to blow the grocery budget on wine and Vachon cakes or go broke on Sage & Citrus candle melts. In general, though, most strong Twos are financially stable and frugal enough to get through a recession with their savings intact.

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