One: The Queen – Werk it, baby!!

Element: Fire

Energy: Extrovert

Planet: Sun

Colour: Gold, yellow, amber, light brown

Stone: Amber, topaz

Tarot: The Magician

One is the basis of all there is. This number is active, not passive. One is unique, one is the originator. One stands tall and strong, its energy moving up and down its spine. While being grounded and diffusing its energy into the earth, One is simultaneously shooting energy out of its top end like fireworks, infusing everyone and everything around it with its desires. One is solid and stable, confident, and constantly transmitting energy outward into the world.

On a good day, One energy is unique, independent, progressive, and self assured. We look up to One personalities as they are natural leaders. They rise to the top of their field. One is regal, respectful, and will act as a voice for those who have none.

On a crappy day, One shouts over the voices of others. One is so certain that its opinion/idea/approach is the only one that matters. One can quickly become rigid and narrow minded. Assertiveness becomes aggressiveness and the One will bully everyone around them.

One in love:

One likes to hunt, although they definitely appreciate flirtatious admiration. That makes One’s job easier. One likes to hold the doors, pick the restaurant, and is generally very chivalrous. One likes to give and receive, but One is first and foremost a Top. One is passionate and lusty; in the early stages of courtship people might confuse this with being romantic. A strong One is not romantic, they’re just aware of how to get what they want and if chocolates, flowers, and poetry ring your bells, then One is Percy Bysshe Shelley with roses in one hand and Godiva strawberries in the other.

Being independent, One does not need to see you every day. In fact, solitary One would be happiest if you have your own circle of friends and a busy, fulfilling life outside of them.  One does not complete you and they are aware of this, you know…..One being complete in and of itself. One is content living alone and does not mind being on their own. This is not the expression of white picket fence energy or monogamy. This is not to say that an individual with strong One energy can’t be monogamous, but they are more likely than others to thrive in relationships that veer off the standard. One stays because it suits them and when it does not they will move on.

One at home:

One can take care of a household quite nicely. Being an epic delegator, One is a walking Rolodex of resources, “Let me check my contacts, I know a guy, hang on…” One could do it on their own, but why spend a Friday night under the kitchen sink when they could pay someone else to do that? When you got to know your One, you were amazed at how beautiful and organized everything was. You may have wondered if this person had a maid. Well, my good human, if you’re being courted by One, chances are good that you’re about to replace the last person that kept One’s environment spotlessly well appointed. One is far too busy finding and implementing the solutions to all the problems of the universe to be bothered with streaks on the glassware. That’s on you now.

One at work:

One is cheerful and jovial, showing up early and staying late. After all, One is not here for a hobby, they plan to advance. Although One knows that they have to start at the bottom like everyone else, there has to be an upward track for One to stay. One does not want to do the same thing for the rest of their working life and they don’t want to be subject to someone else’s will, either. One aspires to work independently or lead the pack. Someone with a lot of One energy makes a lousy assistant, unless that job involves making most of the decisions or being the public face of their employer/department/division. One likes travelling so a job with frequent moves would suit them just fine.

One thrives in a busy, colourful, rapidly changing environment. One likes structure, and in a less structured environment One will figure out their own program. One can make those snap decisions with ease and close the sale. One loves the stage and is a natural in the spotlight, so One can be whatever they need to be, to get the job done. One doesn’t need to dig deep to find their Inner Bitch, they can deal with strong personalities and corral other employees. Regardless of their position at work, One is direct and blunt.

One and money:

One loves money because One loves success. If success was measured in coconuts, then One would love coconuts.  When One is strengthened in the chart, money flows because One energy isn’t content to sit back and just do “okay”. One is a go getter and manifestor extraordinaire. One isn’t the greatest saver, though, and likes to create a visual display of their achievements – expensive furniture, tech, shoes, purses. One doesn’t tend to attach much sentiment to things, so as soon as One can get a better car, nicer apartment, finer clothing – One will. Periodically One will need to be pulled aside and given a stern budget reminder.

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