My Sparkly Buddy

I love sparkly new friends that look or feel like they have a light shining out of them. If you feel that way about someone, there is a possibility that they are a soul friend, someone you have an agreement with in this lifetime. I feel this way about this particular individual. We met at messy, transitional times in our lives, and we prop each other up.

Life Path = 29/11

Expression = 30/3

Heart = 15/6

Destiny = 45/9

As a Cancer with an 11 Life Path, you have come back this time to focus on being a spiritual caregiver and guide. Whether you do it in your spare time or as a career, you are interested in all things New Age, including holistic healing, energy work, manifestation, and divination. Focus on dream work and intuitive work for it is in these two areas that you can shine the brightest.

As a Master Number life path, you are hard to miss. Your energy fills the room. If you don’t channel this energy properly you will find yourself at the centre of drama. 11s tend toward unconventional thinking and living – they are here to make us think and to challenge our beliefs about how the world works. This means that your opinions and experiences may make some people uncomfortable, including those close to you.

Your Expression, Soul, and Destiny numbers combine to show someone who sees the world through a very different lens. People may find your views and desires to be eccentric. You’re not here to fit in, so don’t worry about what they think. It’s actually your job to shake things up a little and to show people a new world view.

You’re cheerful and sociable, and you give freely of yourself. If you don’t already, you should find causes that you believe in and volunteer your time when possible. This is a good use of this energy. You love and care deeply for humanity, the environment, and strive to reflect this at home. You are a solid marriage partner and have a lot of love to give everyone around you. Finances permitting, you would shower those closest to you with gifts and create a beautiful home for nesting. You love to make people laugh and enjoy being a bit of a clown. Your Destiny and Life Path both point to a great humanitarian. These are impersonal vibrations that cause you to want to make a grand impact on the world, not just in your neighborhood. In spite of your love for home and family, you really want to get out there and soar. This is a tremendous vibration to carry into this lifetime and if you don’t find some cause or organization to get behind, or a creative talent to develop and share, you will find yourself frustrated with life.

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