Chai Loving Crazy Lady

This is another Facebook friend. I think that if I had the chance, I would want to be neighbours with her. She’s a lot of fun.

Life Path = 3

Expression = 7

Heart = 11

Destiny = 18/9

The first thing that struck me was the sheer amount of 5s, followed by 3s and 1s in your name. You place a high value on freedom and independence. You’re a warm, cheerful, social butterfly that attracts a lot of attention but too much attention from one source might cause you to feel suffocated. Part of your feeling stable in this lifetime is knowing that you can come and go at will. This is not your cookie baking, flower gardening incarnation. This is the stand out and be counted lifetime.

Your life path is a three. If you think of your life as a journey, then your life path is the road you chose to follow in this incarnation. Lots of other people will have your life path, but it will manifest in different ways for each of you. As a 3, being playful and lighthearted are your expressions in life. Words and ideas are important to you because 3 is the life path of the communicator. Your work in this lifetime needs to involve creative self-expression. Find your spiritual centre so that you don’t get mired down in being 100% cerebral. Let your inner child out to play as much as possible. As long as the bills are being paid and you’re bathing on a regular basis, who cares if other people give you the side-eye.

Think of this incarnation as the Oreo Cookie Blizzard of lifetimes. The 3 life path is about uplifting your spirit and those around you. It’s about being a conduit of positive, creative energy. It’s about putting the spark into things. It’s about pantsing someone who desperately gets on your last nerve. If this was the incarnation for you to wear button down suits and worry about the crap building up in the space between the baseboard and the floor, you’d be a 4 life path. <<< 4s make really good wives, by the way.

Your expression is the vehicle that you take on the road. It’s the face that people see. Your 7 expression emphasizes your analytical nature. You love new ideas and you have some off the wall ways of seeing things that not everyone gets. Your spiritual side is emphasized by this energy as well, and you would do well to create a quiet little sanctuary where you can go and happily introvert when living life without filters gets to be a bit much. Your wit is evolved and there are those who just don’t get it and will always see you as rude – that’s fine, because they suck anyway. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fix people that don’t want to be fixed. Surround yourself with people that don’t require Coles Notes to enjoy your time together.

Your heart/soul number is the fuel for your journey through this incarnation. Your soul is an 11, a Master Number. This is the number of the master builder. When you get an idea in your head, you are like a dog with a nice juicy bone. Those close to you might call you incredibly stubborn and perhaps a pain in the ass on the right day. People with master numbers are here to spread their ideas, though. They aren’t here to spend a lot of time promoting other people’s thoughts. Besides, you have too much energy in your name that is devoted to being independent. It’s entirely ok to live your life not giving one single little shit about what other people think.

Pain is often that which sparks our fuel. With this number, as well as the 5s, you need to guard against overeating and indulging in drugs and alcohol. Certain energies are hard to live with all the time and now and then our spirits get burned out and we start seeking an escape. This is where cultivating a spiritual centre comes in handy. Happy thoughts and white light won’t save you from wine and cookies every time, but a little spirituality can help you channel your pain into something useful that benefits the world around you.

Your destiny is the mission. You gassed up the tank, got in the car, and found the road – this is where you’re headed. Some of us know from the day we pop out of the vagina what our destiny is, most of us stumble around and figure it out. Yours started becoming more apparent with age. First you needed to work through a lot of illusory experiences that didn’t make sense. This is the new age way of saying a whole lot of crappy bullshit that can involve anything from traumatic health issues to abuse of all sorts to homelessness to all kinds of other crapulence that leaves a mark. That stuff was preparing you for that time in your life when you were old enough to properly channel all that fabulosity in a way that helps on a big scale.

This is a destiny number associated with activities like campaigning for political issues or fundraising to help build homes for communities that are affected by natural disasters. People governed by this number eventually find themselves getting involved with issues that are very socially charged up, like abortion, violence against women, sustainable housing for the poor, street kids – things that really reek of NIMBY Syndrome – these are the things that 9 destiny folks get charged up about, and try to find ways to fix. When you don’t get involved in these things – and I suspect that there are a few issues out there that really grind your gears – when you try to stay out of this stuff, by telling yourself that you can’t make a difference, that it’s not really your problem, that you can’t get involved because you have kids/are poor/work stupid hours/don’t have time/have tuba lessons on Wednesday – then this destiny energy manifests in other ways in your life and you find yourself in the centre of domestic (friends, family, coworkers) dramatic crapulence that gives you a headache and just won’t die because this energy requires a big outlet for positive expression.

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