My Business Mentor

This woman taught me how not to flail my way through life. Her reading is longer than the others. I went a bit beyond the mini chart because 1. I felt like it and 2. I know she’s doing a product launch and this next personal year is important for her.

Life Path = 35/8

Expression = 15/6

Heart = 17/8

Destiny = 42/6

Cornerstone = L/3

Professional Challenges = 1/4

You know, I am absolutely amazed at the amount of 8s and 11s that I have chosen to surround myself with in this lifetime. I pity you all!!!

You came back this time around to learn about the acquisition of wealth and the right use of power. Your 8 is modified by its sub numbers 3 & 5, so partnerships will always be important to you – you’re the 8 that wants to bring people with you. Social networking and travel, as well as experiencing many of your lessons in a very physical way are going to be important for you. This is an active, hands on life that you have chosen.

Your Expression is similar to the rising signs of astrology. If people had to guess which life path you were, and they knew anything about numbers, they would be most likely to pick this one because this is the energy that you send out to the world. Your 6 Expression allows you to channel charisma and you have a way with written and spoken words. People sit up when you speak and when you speak your truth, you attract people to you. People see you as naturally friendly and easygoing. They know that you like to look for ways to make things easier or better for those around you. Combined with your life path, this expression teaches what I like to call “conscientious materialism”. You aren’t afraid of abundance and you promote the positive aspects of having wealth.

Your Heart is similar to the moon signs of astrology. This is what’s going on inside you. Your heart reinforces your life path, which is nice to see. Often peoples’ hearts contradict their life paths, and the fact that yours does not tells me that you’re here to do some great work NOW – you don’t have time to diddle around waiting to “wake up” to your purpose. An 8 soul relaxes by doing. Organization brings you peace and you like to be in charge. It’s not difficult for you to take the reins of anything, it might be more difficult for you to sit back and let someone else do it. Your professional work isn’t just a job, or even a great career, it’s a divine calling, hence, the drive to do everything that you do – something you probably felt pushing you from a very young age. Your happiness with life, even when it looks pretty sucky is not going to be understood by a lot of people, but whatever, your garden of fucks is empty where public approval is concerned.

Your Destiny is a 6 like your expression. 42 is a special number to occultists. It’s an incredibly powerful vibration that attracts abundance in many forms: love, money, fame, psychic ability, but also addictions, drama, and abuse. It is entirely possible to have a fabulous number like this in a prominent spot for the specific purpose of learning some incredibly crappy life lessons. Your magnetism as you move forward to complete your mission in this life will attract many different people to you, some of them incredibly unbalanced and toxic. You needed this, though, in your drive to work your ass off and channel some Jupiterian energy to not just make the world a better place, but to show everyone else how to duplicate your success in ten steps or less. Early on in your career you probably watched others give away their power and you made sure to hang on to yours. You shine when you’re at the helm of your own ship. You could easily take the more labour oriented road and veer off quite successfully into home building, design, or flipping, but you truly live your numbers when teach people to take charge of their well-being.

Now because I like you so much and because I see what you’re up to in your professional life, I did a little bit extra:

Your cornerstone is L/3 – this is what roots you and keeps you grounded. This is another vibration that supports and emphasizes abundance, sharing, joy, and networking. Your place is right in the middle of the pot, stirring it up.

Your professional challenges concern issues with structure and how things are. You don’t like rules for the sake of rules and you question “How it is” because quite often how it is, is really how it was, and not many people stop to actually consider why they do things a certain way. They just do them because “that’s how it is”. You meet these frustrations with a healthy dose of 1 energy – assertiveness, bravery, wit, and independence. You aren’t afraid to rock the boat or sink it and build a new one, even if it pisses everyone off. They’ll come around eventually.

Your next birthday will see you moving into a 1 personal year. Currently you are in a 9 year. This year marks the end of a cycle for you. Loose ends get tied up, beliefs change, some relationships go away, but it’s all meant to happen. This is your fulfillment year, and it has probably been busy as you get ready for new things. Right about now, as you head into the last third of your personal year, the energy will start to shift as the new number vibration becomes more dominant. In your case it is a 1 year, with a karmic twist, because it is a 19/1 year. This is an important year for you, and the things that you begin in this year are meant to help you move forward. Get out of your own way this coming year and allow growth to happen, even if it means letting go of something. This year shine a light on your own shadows and own them, because they may get thrown out there for you, such is the energy of the 19/10/1 year – it can be a little dramatic. It is helpful to get involved in worthy causes or anywhere that you can be a role model. This is the year to launch something big and rewrite your story.

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