Design Leader

Every now and then as a reader, my path crosses with someone that I look up to. This woman is a well known designer in the crafting world. Thanks to her work and teaching, I am now known for my creative work in Tunisian Entrelac. While I’m certain that I would have gotten there eventually, anyway, her books made my life so much easier that I continue to give them as gifts and use them as teaching tools. It was such a pleasure to do this chart!!

Life Path = 10/1

Expression = 10/1

Heart = 21/3

Destiny = 40/4

You came back this time to help others find their power. This is not the lifetime to exist in the background. You are here to mentor others and teach what you know, whatever that may be. You can take the attention that you get and use it as fuel for causes or ideas that support your beliefs. This is the leader’s life path, but also a very physical one – you have some energy to channel, so if you are able, consider getting involved in something athletic. Leos love beauty and as a designer/artist you create beautiful things and guide people in your field. You are recognized as a leader in this medium.

Your Expression is the image you present to the world, similar to a rising sign in astrology. People see you as driven and a tower of strength in a crisis. You’re able to conduct yourself royally even under tremendous circumstances. You are viewed as CEO material, not the employee. People probably turn to you for advice even on subjects you may know little about, simply because they see you as someone who knows.

You have an artist’s and dreamer’s soul. Those with this 3 placement want to provoke and inspire with art and creativity. Whether it is on a stage, in a fashion show, or signing books at the author’s table – the 3 Soul secretly desires to let their inner artist out. The word of this particular 3 is sometimes seen as magical – say it and they will come – you can network and market as well as create, making you the artist that gets to eat, too.

Your Destiny is 40/4. Ordinarily I just go with the single digit number but this 40 gives a special undercurrent. This number shows how you fulfill your purpose in life – what you must do to fulfill your destiny. With the 40, your ability to see things in ways that other people can’t, in ways that don’t often make sense to them, will set you apart. Your ability to communicate those things lies in your 1 and 3 energies. A 4 Destiny carries practical energy – you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and work alongside the minions. With the 40 underlying the 4, being practical and organized is taken to new heights with a strong eye for design and flair for presentation. You have a highly developed imagination and are a creative planner. Some might even say a master planner. On a bad day you might be an over planner, also known as nit-picky, but any tendency to over plan or over think doesn’t come from an anxious place, it’s simply your desire to ensure that your ideas are understood.

One of the great things about this 4 placement is that even during crunch time – even if you’re Kermit-flailing on the inside – your crazy rarely comes untucked. You always look like you have your stuff together.

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