A Glittery Artist

I work with this man and I hold his talent in high esteem. As I was sending him his reading, he was putting the finishing touches on a piece of art that he was busy creating in his home. I did not realize until he confirmed my reading for me that he was an artist away from the salon. He is such an interesting person to know!!

Life Path = 30/3

Expression = 9

Heart = 12/3

Destiny = 21/3

You’re here to entertain and enlighten through the arts – music, dance, singing, photography, acting, modeling – the stage is your home. As a Pisces you always have a foot in both worlds, as a 3 Life Path born on an 11 day, you’re here to make us think about things that might make us uncomfortable, like gender and conformity.

Use your art as a tool to provoke and create conversation. Your 9 Expression combined with all the threes in your core chart keeps you at a bit of a distance from most people. You see things in a larger picture than most and your world view is a little off centre. That’s totally OK.

Don’t force intimacy or closeness to please others. It’s alright to want to keep things light and airy amongst friends and loved ones. You’re not the tower in a crisis. This doesn’t mean that you lack strength or character – you have both. What it means is that you’re not here this time around to be the buddy that cleans the barf out of the back seat of his car.  This isn’t the hand-holding incarnation for you. You’re actually the catalyst that provokes people to look at the world through a new set of eyes, which means that their interaction with you could be highly charged.

Ordinarily someone with this many 3s is lively and joyful, but lonely in a crowd. This is not so with you. Balanced by a strong 9, you can maintain a bit of distance, keeping your heart tucked away. It’s not that you can’t give it, but that you have to be reached through your intellect. That’s if you’re even interested – there are bigger pursuits in life. In the second half of your life you may find yourself seeking spiritually and traveling to obscure places to take in their energies. You aren’t looking for cardigans and white picket fences this time around. This also isn’t the incarnation for sticky, messy emotional dealings – this is the life where you get to smell the flowers, drink the drink, and have fun. Finally, if you aren’t doing these things – if you aren’t busy making something avante garde that makes people think – if you’re seeking what you’ve been told to seek – then you’ll find the world to be a frustrating place. You came back to enjoy an eclectic, busy life surrounded by unusual people. If you don’t have that, then get busy creating it.

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