Fellow Union Member

This chart is from a former coworker. I call her a “Union Member” because there were three of us at one salon, all with the same name, each doing a different job. We referred to ourselves as “The Union”. It made for a fun day with clients and we could have those “Who’s on first?” conversations that messed with everyone. We enjoyed it!!

Life Path = 35/8

Expression = 7

Heart = 15/6

Destiny = 13/4

You came back this time around to learn about money, power, and success. In this life time, you are going to put yourself in situations that require you to stand up to others and live fearlessly. You’ll be happiest in this life if you’re calling the shots professionally, and working for yourself. Hairstyling gives you just the right amount of independence, flexibility, freedom, and attention. I’ll be honest, most 8 life paths that I’ve met aren’t as nice as you are – I was surprised when I added up your numbers and got this number. In fact, a lot of the 8s that I’ve profiled over the years are extremely competitive and would throw their grandmothers under the bus if it meant getting ahead.

Another facet of the 8 energy is that its fearlessness makes people edgy and they can veer onto a dark path full of excess quickly. You’ve managed to strike a balance with this. If Jim Morrison wore a cute little sweater and baked magical cookies, he might be a lot like you. Just remember to put your pants on before you leave the house.

The energy in your name is really what tempers your life path and makes you such a sweet bitch!! Your 7 Expression is how the world sees you, similar to the rising sign in astrology. You present a well-groomed appearance that is “you” without being fussy or loud. I always thought you stood out nicely at work because you have a “look” but you don’t look like a stylist – meaning that you don’t look like a slutty drug addict – hahaha. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. We all know what we look like in this industry.

You’re a private person out in public – you don’t turn conversations in therapy sessions but you listen well to other people and get to know them. Your life path emphasizes this and makes you very good at reading people, especially clients – and you can turn this into a client base that makes you money. You’re not gossipy and have the confidence of your clients and friends. Your 6 Soul is how you are inside. This is similar to the moon sign in astrology. You’re a secret romantic and you love tradition. I’ll remember that next Christmas and make sure to get you a cardigan covered in squirrels wearing Santa hats. LOL…but seriously, you are all about the trays of cookies and the cocoa and the fireplace and all that homey stuff.

Your home is important to you and even if it looks like a bomb went off in it right this minute, underneath the debris is a nicely put together environment that can be put on display when company comes. When it comes to spending money you will save up for one really nice [insert shiny thing here] instead of several crappy ones that will fall apart. Security and financial stability are important to you. This is emphasized by your life path. You will stress about money and bills, even when those close to you think it’s no big deal. You’re also big on commitments and play for keeps – no fooling around for you.

Your 13/4 Destiny is how you make your way in the world. You’ve chosen to follow a more conventional path this time around. The 13 is karmic and tells me that in this lifetime you are very into not being late, not putting things off – you are really goal oriented this time around (translation: in your last life you were probably a lazy slug who let everything pass them by, hee hee). You don’t want to miss out on anything and you will work your little ass off to accomplish all the things that you feel you didn’t do before. This means showing up early, staying late, smiling and shaking hands when you feel like tearing someone a new asshole instead – you’re kicking ass and taking names the old fashioned way. Despite how structured and reliable you might be in this lifetime, it’s ok to let your hair down and flake out now and then. With a 13/4 Destiny and a 6 Soul you also need to learn to say NO. You don’t have to go to every Christmas concert or buy every bucket of cookie dough to support every soccer team – it’s ok to just stay at home and be “too busy, sorry” because really, you are in your jammies, rolling a fatty.

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