A Magical Goddess

I met this woman on Facebook, and then in person when I went to Texas for the first time. She carries wild, strong energy held in an Amazon of a container. I would LOVE to do magic with this woman some day.

Life Path = 36/9

Expression = 17/8

Heart = 10/1

Destiny = 27/9

You have chosen a misunderstood life path this time around. Not misunderstood by you, but by others. Your numbers are ones that I associate with priests, teachers, and hermits. You’re after greater remembering than the mundane world can provide. Your energy is friendly but distant – you’re among the people but you’re not of them. Abundance comes to you but in different ways than it will to others. You’ve learned that thoughts are things and as a result you have a different view of wealth and things may appear to those outside to come very easily to you.

You’re a very intense person and many see you as a wild woman. Many of your lessons are learned through the flesh – naughty girl. Keep safety scissors with the duct tape. Your intimate relationships and arrangements won’t be understood by everyone, but whatever – you’re not here to care what others think. You had that life already and learned from it.

Even when you’re wearing your sloppiest jeans, you project CEO energy and people see you as a powerful influencer. You are always aware of the image you project and are in complete control of it.

You have an independent magician’s soul and a different moral compass than a lot of other people. You want what you want when you want it and you don’t have a lot of patience for things that seem petty or mundane. You will need to cultivate patience with the muggles – not everyone will get these things and not everyone is here to get it – someone has to dig the ditches so that someone else can make the magic. Be nice when you’re handing out shovels.

You are not the support person in this life. Find those people who will support you in ways that allow you to continue the spiritual work that you need to wrap up in this lifetime, and lavish your love on them. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t help people – au contraire – people with 9s in their charts really, really want to help but they want to do it on a big scale. Why make someone tea if you can teach the whole neighborhood to grow their own plants and make it themselves?

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