An Enlightened Soul

This particular invidivual has some powerful numbers in their chart and I am not surprised to learn that they with to live in a Buddist temple and devote their life to less worldly concerns.

Life Path = 29/11

Expression = 14/5

Heart= 22/4

Destiny = 18/9

You have two Master Numbers in your small chart, 11 and 22, and a special combination of Destiny number. You are not here to live a mundane life. You have numbers that I associate with someone who has a foot in different worlds at once. You have a highly developed intuition and extreme sensitivity to the world around you. If you do not do it already, I suggest to begin gardening because you would benefit from a regular connection to nature.

There is a driving need for you to produce things, so activities such as weaving, knitting, pottery and so on would be meditative and practical. You project an image to people of someone who is full of life and easygoing but inside you really prefer order and stability. You think everything through and plan your life carefully. You’re a fan of “planned spontaneity”

You are a generous person but calculated – you do not like waste and you shun the frivolous. You feel very deeply but have difficulty expressing this to loved ones – it can take a while for you to emerge from your shell. Your 22/4 Soul is the sign of the carpenter/builder that thrives on hard work which benefits mankind, not just himself. You are not a religious person, but the order, organization, hard work, and desire to produce something meaningful in this lifetime propels you to seek the spirit in these things. Combined with your 18/9 Destiny, your successes in life lie outside the realm of business and materialism. There is a tremendous intellectual vibration here pushing you to investigate living in service to humanity. Many 11 Life Paths do not come into their own until the second half of life. It does not surprise me that you have thought about living in a Buddist temple – you brought some highly charged spiritual energy with you into this lifetime and would make a great teacher.

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