The Coolest Couple

These two folks are going to be written up together because they are so much like peanut butter and jelly that is difficult to think of them as separate entities. They are truly soul mates in every sense of the word.

The Wubby:

Life Path = 40/4

Expression = 14/5

Heart = 17/8

Destiny = 31/4

You came back because you saw how disorganized and unfocused we were without you. You’re outspoken and can hold some pretty fixed ideas. You’re very cerebral and can hold a conversation on just about anything, with just about anyone. You’re also very secure in your beliefs but at the same time open to discussion. This might lead some people to walk away from a conversation thinking that they’ve changed your mind – but they haven’t – you can understand a lot of different views without judgement.

Yours are the ideas that get new things started. If you’re toying with the idea of a new career, think about getting into sustainable development, alternative housing initiatives, journalism, or lobbying. There are just enough 5s in your name, that combined with your 5 Expression, keep you from being all Staples and Home Depot. You value freedom and flexibility although you may be more amenable to a little “planned spontaneity”. You can turn chaos into order and others may be surprised to learn how in control you really are, underneath your easygoing, chatty exterior.

Your 31/4 Destiny gives you a different view of things. You are able to see the order and connection in what other people believe to be random and disconnected events. Some of your observations require a complete departure from conventional thinking and are not easily understood by everyone – when you’re rich and famous they’ll call you “eccentric”. These views may cause you to look over your glasses at much of the world. While you may want to pack a bag and live on a mountain top in Nepal, your 4 life path is to be involved and of service to others, not to withdraw away from everything. Your 8 Soul drives you to take charge of things and can propel you into new and edgy places behind closed doors. Remember, always keep safety scissors on the nightstand and use a safe word.

The Wifey

Life Path = 10/1

Expression = 9

Heart = 3

Destiny = 30/3
Boy howdy you are not here to fit in or be invisible! Not only do you have a 1 Life Path, you have the most 5s in your name of anyone whose chart I’ve ever done. Don’t let your sensitivity hold you back, you operate the best in life when you have your heart wide open. You can’t hide behind others, you aren’t meant to be the support person in this life. You came back to show people how to live, love, and thrive in unconventional ways – hiding behind someone else or trying to be “normal” will only make you miserable and you’ll attract toxic people who will try to stilt your energy because well….your unicorn greatness is pretty hot and people might want to bottle it up for themselves.
You have a Big Sister personality and you want to make the world a plate of cookies and give out the big global pep talk. You’re a master networker and never at a loss for words. Your charisma and imagination allow you to market any message or cause you believe in. If you speak it, they will come. You’ll have a lot of jobs and probably switch careers a few times. Ignore the raised eyebrows – you’re fine. You’re not meant to do it like everyone else. As long as you have your stabilizing influence (The Wubby) it’s all good.
You flirty princess, you. You love appreciation, attention, sparkle, and just the right amount of being taken care of- but not too much. No one has to know that you just don’t roll out of bed all put together. It’s a tough job being cute, but you’re happy to take it on.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, 9-5/M-F is not your thing. The huge amount of 5s in your name shows a need for freedom and movement – these will be themes in your life. Resist the urge to indulge in 5’s darker side – emotional eating, and other excesses, but do enjoy the fact that people with a lot of 5 energy are liberal and open-minded. Naughty girl!!

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